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MyDeviceLock offers a number of handy security solutions that cellular phone users mostly encounter in their daily lives. Having trouble keeping your private data secure?

The first and foremost concern of any cellular phone user is the protection of his or her private data like images, emails, videos, text and multimedia messages, bank and social media account information etc. Whether the data is confidential, top secret or personal, either way, all this information needs protection from prying eyes and intruders. MyDeviceLock allows its users to enjoy complete privacy, as it makes their phone data safe and secure, and usable by the owner of the device only.

Why not use the MySwype technology for keeping the contents of your phone secure?

MyDeviceLock enables its users to use the Swype technology on their phones, which is nowadays, considered as one of the most effective ways to safeguard the contents of a phone. It enables the user to put different signature patterns as a security code, in place of a traditional style keypad or pattern lock.

Is there a way to keep the contents of the phone safe even if it is lost or stolen?

When your phone is misplaced or stolen, you are immediately worried about your personal data in it, which can never be retrieved, and if fallen into the wrong hands, can cause a lot of damage to you, personally and financially. With the advanced technology used in MyDeviceLock, the users can stay tension-free even if their phone is lost or stolen, as it completely locks down the phone when an invalid code is inserted several times.

Does your built-in phone and app locking application provide you flexibility and control?

MyDeviceLock enables you to have a complete control of its functions. This app is fully customizable and puts you in-charge of the decision of either unlocking the whole phone or just a few apps. Apart from this, the simple interface facilitates you to secure your phone with ease and confidence.

Is MyDeviceLock compatible with Android?

MyDeviceLock is exclusively designed for Android phones. Due to its compatibility with Android, it has improved features and a well-thought layout, which can be used to secure the phone like never before.

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