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myDeviceLock is a leader in the Signature & Gesture Verification market when it comes to mobile security apps. myDeviceLock is the perfect security app that not only secures your cell phone against hacking but also provides data protection if the cell phone is stolen or lost. myDeviceLock has developed the most intelligent security app that is capable of providing complete security to your device so that you can stay completely relaxed while using your phone alone and in public.

The biometric technology uses the latest swipe and finger gesture technology, which is one of the safest ways for securing the valuable data stored on your phone. This is the era where PCs are becoming less convenient, and mobile phones are more convenient to carry out various tasks. Businesspersons use it to save important corporate data, bank details and almost every Smartphone today contains some personal pictures.

All the everyday life practices on mobile devices require privacy and security. myDeviceLock is well aware of the security requirements of cell phone users and that is the reason why they have developed an excellent security application that is available on the Google Play Store.

There have been increasing cases of mobile security breaches recently we at myDeviceLock realized that so our expert application developers sat together and came up with this innovative mobile security application.

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